Genesis 1:1 (Hebrew-English)

Genesis 1:1 (Hebrew-English)

2015-12-18 @ 06:30 CST

This is my first experiment in making Biblical Hebrew-English graphics based on particular verses of the Bible (meaning both the original Hebrew Scriptures and the Hebrew New Testament version of Franz Delitzsch, translated from the Greek Received Text). The Hebrew texts are “fully pointed” – that is, they have the musical accents, the vowel-points, and the other signs required for a full understanding of the pronunciation and melodic rendition.

For that matter, if I wanted to I could do citations from the Greek Received Text, or perhaps even better, one of the critical editions of the Greek New Testament which seek to restore the original text (in its wording) as accurately as possible. It’s just that 1) I don’t know Greek all that well but do know Hebrew pretty well and 2) for me, Biblical Hebrew is a “personal cultural value”, in my Bible study at the very least. – (יוחנן רכב)

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  1. There is something so powerful about that page. It’s spiritual volume is so magnified by how well you laid it all out and made it so complete.That in a of itself would be beautiful framed. Seriously it would. It brings a sense of calm, of awe for the Father, Creator and who is man that you are mindful of him? It has depth and a calm reassurance that the world needs.
    You did this so wonderfully.

  2. You two are just so complete, will be happy when you are married and are one. You are so right for each other. I do so enjoy knowing both of you and I do truly love that you do all you do and then you perfect what you do and so on. Hugs for both of you and keep working on all you do.

    • Linda thank you so much. It sometimes still doesn’t feel real. But I know it is. We are looking forward to marriage. We will have challenges but we will work at them as we do now. And Satan won’t win.
      Love you too Linda. You are a kind friend.

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