INTP Relationships (Author of original graphic unknown)

INTP Relationships (Author of original graphic unknown)

Created by me last night, just for the fun of it… (יוחנן רכב)

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  1. I honestly was stumped by this. I know it has something to do with love, but beyond that, I’m lost. Interesting images however.

  2. I had no idea if there was any possible literal meaning either – most of the math is beyond me. Our friend Ray explained the math as follows on Facebook:

    Okay, I’m rusty, but my memory says the picture reads “I love you ’cause I love you. I love you any time. I love you for real. The power of my love is from the beginning of time and forever by very nature powerful at all times.” That may have used a little poetic license, but I think I hit rather close on the symbols and equations.

    Square root -> “I”; cos -> causality vector; d/dt -> as time changes; [ ] diagonal 1s -> real solution; Lagrangian (t) -> power equation; integrate to infinity with time as an exponent -> all of time; e -> natural base; -s exponent -> increasing power {also -> the closer you look}; (t)dt -> without interruption. Looks like I left out “increasing with time” (based on shorter wavelengths). [Disclaimer: -st can be scaled to have power diminish with time, but that is contrary to the intent of the graphic.]

    I still don’t understand what all of this means, but the joke in the poster and the original graphic is this: unlike, say, ENFP- and INFJ-preferenced people, INTP-preferenced people have trouble understanding their own feelings, let alone anyone else’s. Think of the fictional Mr. Spock, the quintessential INTP: he wants to present everything in logical terms. I know at least one real-life INTP who really does have problems in dealing with both his mental feelings and his soulful emotions (not the same, but often connected).

    Bottom line: it’s a whole lot easier just to say “I love you” and describe why for us Feeling types. The normal approach taken by INTPs in particular doesn’t work so well. That’s the joke pointing to the reality.

  3. ImNotARobot

    I´m probably the the perfect “cliche” INTP. And i would support this as utterly accurate ;). I also study some Engineering stuff so I get most of the “math” behind it which makes the whole picture even more fun for me. You really made my day with this one :D.


    At least for me this is perfectly true. I think some of my friends even consider I might be gay, since I´m still single and, not actively seeking for a girlfriend. But actually love an all this emotional stuff is just [very] complicated for us INTPs. Probably like the math described above for most of the other people 😉

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