Quite possibly a young ESTP...

Quite possibly a young ESTP…

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  1. My mom said I was like that as a very young child just walking talking and interested and challenged by everything. I knew the chameleons on our porch were going to be my friends even though they initially ran from me. They became my friends. I believed and I did. And think we can all do this if we focus and put all we have and our confidence in it.

    • Of course the subcaption is a bit too generalized. I chose the photo to illustrate in what arena ESTPs, and S_Ps generally, tend to think they can “do anything”. Because those having an S_P temperament are so focused on that form of consciousness called Extraverted Sensing, they very naturally focus on “doing anything” in terms of the moment, of the five senses, and of bodily strength and coordination. As it happens, Extraverted Sensing is something an INFJ “aspires” to do well and often does well – but as a rule it takes them more mental energy to do it.

    • Note that Extraverted Sensing is at the top level of an ESTP‘s mental awareness – his “top card” – but 4th level for an INFJ and 8th level for an ENFP. We can focus as much on the here, the now, and the five senses as anyone – it’s just that as a rule, we need to expend more energy to do it. You’ve undoubtedly developed a lot of skill in it over the years.

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