Earthrise Over Compton Crater (NASA/LRO/Wikipedia)

Earthrise Over Compton Crater (NASA/LRO/Wikipedia)

2016-07-08 @ 00:00 CDT

On this Gregorian date, I am 57 Gregorian years old. Oh frabjous day (insert sarcastic tone of voice). 馃槈

But turning points in one’s life – my soon-coming marriage being a far more important one to my mind – are good times to stop and reflect. Tonight, before I went to bed, I decided to take just such a break.

I found it difficult to decide which version of the above poster I should put up. Should I put up the one I made which points out that the Earth is, in effect, my personal, psychological (not religious) “mandala” – a symbol of the wholeness of self that I seek, a wholeness rooted in a unified understanding of “both geos and kosmos“? (See this page, section “Functional Analysis”, subsection “Extraverted iNtuition”, for the basis of that last turn of phrase.) Should I play with the joke that “it’s a small world after all”, or should I note soberly that we really are “one world”?

In the end, I picked the idea that says all of the above and more to me, the one that states the root of everything else I seek to believe and to do: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

But my mind branches out from there in many directions of discovery about myself, others, and the world. One of the most profound directions began (formally) when I signed up for Vicky Jo Varner’s Type Discovery course on 2009-03-16. What I allude to about psychological type is based on what I started learning there. In time I was able to extend another psychologist’s model of how personality type works onto a biblical foundation. Here is how my mind is meant to work as a Christian, with the Eternal God ruling it and the Ego (in effect, how the biblical “Spirit of Man” behaves) being subordinated to Him while being in very close touch with my inner Self.

The "Converted" ENFP Psyche (After Haas/Hunziker)

The “Converted” ENFP Psyche (After Haas/Hunziker)

I used to have discussions of my studies of this particular topic on this blog and on another which I took down. Perhaps, should my very limited time allow it, I can start such discussions again.(讬讜讞谞谉 专讻讘)

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The "Converted" ENFP Psyche (after Haas)

The “Converted” ENFP Psyche (after Haas)

2016-04-27 @ 12:03 CDT

“What is ‘normal’?” people ask about human behavior – sometimes seriously, sometimes as a joke. It’s a good question, but to answer it properly – I mean when the question is serious – one has to think in terms of intelligent design. Thinking in terms of unintelligent evolution leads to no answer which works for everyone. Or if an evolutionist does find such an answer, it is only because his careful observation of a universe which could not have simply evolved forces him to.

In terms of the design paradigm, “normal” – in the way I’d phrase it – means “operating according to factory specifications”. Much of the problem people have with each other is that they don’t know – or sometimes care – that “factory specs” differ from one individual to another and one group of people to another.

Unknowingly for most of my life, and knowingly and systematically for about the last 5-6 years, I’ve been seeking how different people and groups have different “factory specs” and how to explain the differences. I ought to start posting here again about some of the tools I use to explain those differences, and how diagrams such as the above summarize my own “factory specs”. (讬讜讞谞谉 专讻讘)

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Original Photo c/o The Official Grumpy Cat

Original Photo c/o The Official Grumpy Cat

Yes, the INFJ I’m courting – who is a huge Grumpy Cat fan – agrees this is true. – (讬讜讞谞谉 专讻讘)

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